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Public Domain Programs for Molecular Structures


Molecular graphics software from the University of Edinburgh, Schotland, UK.

The software is intended for the visualization structures of proteins, nucleic acids and small molecules. The program has the ability to read in PDB as well as several other formats. For more information on RasMol visit the RasMol Home Page. To connect to the RasMol ftp site click here


ArgusLab contains: An interactive 3D molecule builder that allows the user to build and manipulate complex structures; and, a rich suite of computational methods, both quantum mechanical and molecular mechanical, for calculating ground and excited states properties.

Click here to download ArgusLab


Mage requires the use of Kinemage files. There are presently available a large number of these files for both education and research purposes (e.g., see the files at Protein Science. )

  • For the ftp site to obtain the PC versionclick here
  • For the ftp site to obtain the Mac version click here .
  • For the ftp site to obtain the Unix version click here


XMol is an excellent tool for viewing PDB files. For a complete guide to XMol (X11 display server) click here


WebLab is the newest of the public domain software for PC’s and Mac computers. Unlike the present version of RasWin, WebLab will also let the user measure distances and angles, and change color according to atom type. For more information click here

VMD (Visual Molecular Dynamics)

VMD is a molecular graphics program designed for ease of use, modifiability,and modularity. It runs on Silicon Graphics workstations and may be compiled for HP-UX workstations if the NPGL library is available. Full source code and binaries for SGI’s running IRIX 5.X are included in the distribution. VMD is made available via anonymous ftp free of charge by the TheoreticalBiophysics Group, located in the Beckman Institute of the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. For more information click here.

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